My name is Julien Delange, hello!

I currently work at Datadog in New York city.


I am the founder of Codiga, a platform that helps developers produce better code that got acquired by Datadog in 2023. I previously worked at Twitter, Amazon AWS EBS, the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute and the European Space Agency.


I wrote two books:

  1. Technical Debt in Practice. A book about technical debt and its impact on software development.
  2. AADL in Practice: a book dedicated to the research I did while working on modeling safety-critical systems.


I previously taught in the fo Northeastern University in 2020.

I also taught at EPITA (French engineering school) from 2007 to 2010.


I invest in a few startups through syndicates. I no longer invest directly.


You can contact me using the following e-mail: firstname at gunnm dot org. Please do not contact me on social media; I rarely use these websites.

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