Actual Projects

Previous Projects

  • Codiga Coding Assistant, Code Reviews and Code Analysis platform. First startup, launched in 2021 and acquired by Datadog in April 2023.
  • Scala Cookbook a library of over-documented Scala code. I use examples of this cookbook to remember the syntax of some concepts and recommend to some Scala newcomers to have a look for learning purposes.
  • The Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) is an architecture language to define the structure of your software architecture with its deployment and configuration aspects. I was a member of the AADL committee from 2008 to 2017 and I authored the ARINC653 annex.
  • The Eclipse-Based Fault-Tree Analysis (EMFTA) is a tool to visualize a fault-tree in the Eclipse Modeling Environment. The tool is available on the SEI github repository.
  • The Open Source AADL Tool Environment (OSATE) is an open-source tool for modeling systems using the AADL. I was one of the main maintainer of the tool.
  • POK: a real-time operating system that is compliant with the ARINC653 standard. I developed the Operating System during my PhD thesis and I am no longer maintaining it. A fork has been released under GPL3 at ISPRAS with some improvements.
  • RTEMS: a small real-time operating system used in many domains such as aerospace. I have contributed to RTEMS during my job at the European Space Agency.
  • TASTE: a toolchain to develop and auto-implement aerospace applications from the European Space Agency. I have been a co-maintainer of the tool during my job at the European Space Agency.
  • Tuxfamily: Tuxfamily (aka TF) provides hosting services for free-software projects free hosting for free people!). I have been the chairman of this french non-profit for several years.
  • VHFFS: the hosting platform for Tuxfamily. I have designed and written it from scratch to (re-)open Tuxfamily services.
  • Debian: I have been a contributor for Debian and was an applicant to be a Debian developer but just quit before even completing the application