I used to run regularly, either at home or when traveling, I embraced the run commuting movement, I had the opportunity to be interviewed about it and was featured in a special article on the run commuter website. I even wrote a summary on how to get started.

Unfortunately, due to a very severe injury, I am no longer able to run for a long time. I hope to update this page in few months or years.

Statistics and PRs

  • #100M: 1
  • #100K: 1
  • #50M: 2
  • #50K: 5
  • #marathons: 8
  • #half marathons: 10
  • 100M PR: 29:52 (Burning River)
  • 50M PR: 8:58:08 (JFK)
  • 50K PR: 5:14:30 (Goundhog)
  • Marathon PR: 3:31:46 (Pittsburgh 2015)
  • Half PR: 1:34:45 (Erie)
  • 10K PR: 43:52 (2 Faces road)
  • 5K PR: 21:08 (Rock the Quary)


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