Ain’t no mountain high enough


It is now official, I am on the list for the Pennsylvania Triple Crown of Moutain Running. If you are not aware of it, this is a challenge for finishing what is probably considered as the three most difficult trail races in Pennsylvania:

  • Hyner 50K: the appetizer, the warm-up – a hard 50K that is not qualified as a race but a challenge.
  • Worlds Ends 100K: the pièce de résistance, a 100K with 11,500 ft of elevation
  • Eastern States 100: the desert, a 100 miles around Waterville, PA with more than 20,000 ft of elevation

Dates are already book, I might have a conflict for Worlds Ends and hope I will be able to attend all of these races. But for now, no other races are planned, this should be the main events for 2016.