My name is Julien Delange, hello!

I currently live in Colorado, in Denver. I am the founder of Code Inspector, a platform that helps developer produce better code. I previously worked at Twitter, Amazon AWS EBS and at the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute. Before coming in the USA I lived for two years in the Netherlands where I worked as a software engineer at the European Space Agency and survived the Dutch lifestyle. Before riding my bicycle in the country of cheese-makers, I studied in Le Havre and Paris, got a Master degree at University Paris VI and a PhD in Computer Science at TELECOM ParisTech, which gave me the opportunity to design the first libre partitioned OS: POK.

Among other things I did, I used to teach at Northeastern University in 2020. Years ago, I was also teaching at the EPITA engineer school for the GISTR department. Lectures and lab sessions are focused on software engineering: design methods, programming best practices, architecture and software design, etc. I contributed also to open-source projects such as RTEMS, or Debian.

Apart computer science, I am an avid runner that enjoy traveling and discovering countries, cultures and people. I used to run around 70 miles a week, ran several marathons and ultra-marathon in the USA. While I can go on roads, my favorite is on trails in the nature - I can go for a running adventure for hours. I am racing almost every months and maintain a race agenda, check it out if you are a runner and want to meet on the trails!


You can contact me by using the following e-mail: firstname at gunnm dot org. You can also use the links located at the bottom of this page (links to social media).


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