I used to run regularly, either at home or when traveling. The regular training consists in bodyweight training with some running, between 50 and 80 miles per week. This is just made to keep the stamina and avoid the mechanic to be too old. When the weather is good, running sessions are recorded on mapmyrun, strava or garminconnect. I also run to work, embracing the run commuting movement. I had the opportunity to be interviewed about it and was features in a special article on the run commuter website. If you are interested, I wrote a summary on how to get started.

Statistics and PRs

  • #100M: 1
  • #100K: 1
  • #50M: 2
  • #50K: 4
  • #marathons: 8
  • #half marathons: 10
  • 100M PR: 29:52 (Burning River)
  • 50M PR: 8:58:08 (JFK)
  • 50K PR: 5:14:30 (Goundhog)
  • Marathon PR: 3:31:46 (Pittsburgh 2015)
  • Half PR: 1:34:45 (Erie)
  • 10K PR: 43:52 (2 Faces road)
  • 5K PR: 21:08 (Rock the Quary)


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