Today, I sold Codiga to Datadog.

This story started in 2018 when I realized that if I did not attempt to build a company on my own, I would regret it until I died. I started slowly and eventually left everything to dedicate all my attention to this project. From 2021 to 2023, I spent two years focusing solely on building this company. I enjoyed the thrills of flying high and going through many rough turbulences.

It’s not been easy.

I made a ton of mistakes and I lost a lot along the way.

But I have no regret about what I accomplished. I lived this story on my own terms. And this is what matters.

I did not start this company to become rich or have more influence. I did it to have the freedom to make something meaningful. I also did it to show that startups can be created outside of Silicon Valley. And that you do not need to have a team of engineers from MIT, Berkeley, Stanford or a FAANG company.

I am proud of what I did and what we accomplished as a team.

To everyone that took part in this ride: thank you. Whoever you are - current or past team members, investors, and users: thank you for everything you did.

To everyone that did not believe in me, ignored me or dumped me: thank you. You made me question myself, and I became a better person.

It’s now time for me to move to NYC.

I still have much to learn and I can’t wait to open this new chapter.

Thank you,