Today was a lucky day. I ran outside.

The sun was shining, the streets were empty. Shops were closed. The only few people I saw were other runners or homeless persons.

Not sure how long it is going to last. We are ordered to stay confined until experts evaluate we are safe to resume our lives.

Nobody knows how deadly is this outbreak. Or how long this is going to last.

Modern society prepared us for this. The latest information is carefully crafted, curated and displayed in near real-time on all devices, making each of us experts able to understand and evaluate carefully the situation.

Not sure for how long I will still have the permission to run outside. Maybe soon I will have to stay inside, indefinitely. That is for the good of the community, we cannot afford to take any risk.

I trust our leaders to put an end to this situation. No doubt that will be given the permission to go outside soon. And that we will be able to enjoy time together again.