After several years in the technology industry and living in various places, I wanted to take the time to write some thoughts. Working on various domains (such as aerospace, academia, data center management or ads), living in different countries (or even states within the USA) and achieving certains goals (such as losing half of my weight or running ultra distances) helped me to see commonalities between domains and establish parallels between worlds you would consider unrelated.

Building software helped me to better understand real-life problems. And leading non-tech projects also helped me building better software.

One example would be fixing properties. When you fix a house, you architect the new building, you schedule the work, establish milestones and you clearly see dependencies. For example, you do not start painting before the dry walls are properly installed and sealed. Yet, developers often overlook such basic rules, even in regulated industries.

For the next six months, I will write a new article each month that will talk about one aspect similar to the one above. I have no idea or expectation about this experiment, I just hope it will be as useful to you as it will be to me.